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For anyone who works hard and plays harder my Therapeutic FlaxBags will be a great addition to your self-care toolbox. truME's Therapeutic FlaxBags provide a natural solution for everyday aches and pains. Whether you select one of our weighted eye pillow compresses, neck and shoulder wrap or hand-mitts you'll love the total relaxing sensation these Therapeutic FlaxBags will provide.

When heated in the microwave and placed on the targeted area, your whole body will feel tension ease. Using a heated flax bag helps relieve stress and promotes deep relaxation while it stimulates your body's own healing process.


Keep your flax bag stored in the freezer for an as needed gentle cool compress. Unless otherwise noted, all truME flax bags come with a removable and washable cover. All our flax bags are made using the same technique and materials.

Filled with 100% flaxseed our FlaxBags will ease the pain and discomfort of headaches, tension, stress, arthritis, fybromaliga, muscle and joint pain and more. Used warm or gentle cool, these multi-use bags will surely leave you feeling better.

  • The insert bag is filled with 100% natural flaxseed, no other fillers are added

  • Flaxseed unlike other types of food fillers does not retain an order​

  • Warm and cool action can last between 30-45 minutes

  • The husk will not crack like other fillers

  • Flax contains 30-40% oil that can be reheated many times retaining its moist therapeutic effectiveness

Available scented or unscented. Instructions included with each purchase.

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