Welcome to the truME Collection Handcrafted Gift Shop where you'll find an assortment of handmade gifts. 

I’ve been crafting, sewing and painting for 40+ years.  My creations have always been inspired by what is most important in my life, family!

You’ll find an eclectic assortment of handmade gifts including my line of aromatherapy jewelry, natural and organic bath and body products as well as  specialty items. Everything  in my shop has been designed, created and handmade by ME! I source all my ingredients and materials locally when possible and always through American companies.  The flaxseed used to fill my handmade Therapeutic FlaxBags is sourced from American farmers.

After more than 34 years working for someone else I can now enjoy and focus on my passion, creating handmade gifts from my heart! It took quite a few years for me to make the leap into the e-commerce world but once I jumped I haven't looked back. I am truly excited to offer you these handmade gifts from my heart. I hope your pleasure in using your handmade item or gifting is as much as the pleasure I experience making each and every item!

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the ME you see, is not ME
the truME, you cannot see

I am not the color of my eyes or my hair
I am not the clothes you see me wear
I am not just the color of my skin
I am not the size this skin fits in
I am much more!
I am strong, determined, courageous and powerful!
I am responsible, honest and loyal!
I am kind, generous and grateful!
I am compassionate, forgiving and love unconditionally!
this is my