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Welcome to the truME Collection Shop online gift shop where you'll find a variety of handmade items for the entire family!


Every item has been handmade by me with the occasional help from one of my grandkids. Each item is given my personal attention, no mass production here. If you are interested in an item or gift box that is showing "SOLD OUT" contact me. I have have lots of prints available.


It takes a lot of time to update my Etsy shop and the truME website. If you find an item in my Etsy shop that is not listed here, just send me an email. When you order direct from truME you'll save an extra 10%.  I hope you enjoy browsing my shops.


Consider becoming a VIP by joining our "Circle of Friends". I promise you won't be bugged or spammed. I do promise to share information and resources that you can include in your self-care toolbox. You'll also be the first to receive special announcements, receive exclusive offers and automatically be entered into our giveaways.

Hope to see you in the "Circle"

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