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Slip on this Hand and Wrist Heat Wrap and bring warm comfort for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and like conditions. The hand and wrist wrap will provide relief for tired wrists that perform repetitive hand and wrist movement such as knitting, crocheting, typing, and other actions that put strain on your hands and wrists.




💖This wrist wrap is made of 100% cotton flannel fabric for a soft, soothing feel.

💖The inside of the bag contains a microwaveable cotton batting bladder bag that provides extra softness and helps extend the warmth of the flaxseed.

💖Filled with 100% natural flaxseed, no other fillers are used in any of truME's Therapeutic FlaxBags. Available in unscented, lavender/chamomile or eucalyptus/peppermint.

💖There are 4 separate chambers that provides an even distribution of heat and extends the therapeutic experience.

💖Fits most adults easily slips on and off and is adjustable with a velcro closure.

💖This wrap can be used on either the right or left hand or order 2, one for each.

💖Store in the freezer in a zip lock bag (included with your purchase) for as needed, gentle cool therapy. Need warmth, take out of the plastic, zip lock bag and pop in the microwave.


TEST, TEST, TEST your heating times for maximum comfort and to avoid possible injury and burning of the flaxseed. Test in 45 second intervals with a maximum heat time of 2 minutes. The warming and moist treatment will last approximately 30 minutes.

Heated Wrap for Hand and Wrist Support

  • Store in the freezer in a zip lock bag (included with your purchase) for as needed gentle cool pack.

    For warm therapy, remove from the storage bag and pop in the microwave for approximately 30-45 second intervals with a maximum time of 2 minutes.


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