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Singing Snowballs

This cute hand-painted Snowball Caroling Family were inspired by the birth of each of my grandkids.  As each one came along, I created 3, one for the parents, one for in-law grandparents and one for myself. I have a total of 9 Snowball Carolers, and love putting these out every season. 

Not only are they a conversation starter these adorable hand-painted snowball carolers are a natural way to freshener the air by diffusing the scent of pure essential oil in the air. Use as a Holiday Christmas Decor Table Centerpiece or set in your guest bath.  

An adorable holiday decoration for home or office you'll receive a 14mm dropper bottle of 100% pure essential oils. These delightful snowball carolers offer a decorative way of diffusing oils naturally in your home, office, or car without the worry of overheated diffuser units. Simply place your snowball caroler anywhere, add a few drops of essential oil anywhere on the hat or hat's pom-pom and display in your favorite spot. You can even set your snowball caroler on a sturdy branch in your Christmas tree. 

Each snowball caroler is a hand-painted regulation size baseball, that measures 9-9.5 in. in diameter, and wearing a knit sock embellished with various blings and adornments. Just a few drops of the essential oil anywhere on the hat or pom-pom and enjoy the aroma of holiday spice. The essential oil blend is 100% pure EO, no fillers or carrier oils have been added so it can also be used in any diffuser.  Scent notes, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, peppermint.

How it works...

- Your snowman is a simple form of diffusion which gives more control over the process; 
- The aroma is more subtle than reed diffusers or electric diffusers; 
- Great in small area's such as bathrooms, powder room, bedrooms and office;
- Safe to diffuse around kids and pets (this is not a toy, keep out of kids hands);
~No worries of overheated diffuser units.

Available as single snowball caroler or purchase a set. Just like snowflakes these cute snowballs will be different than what is shown in the photo. When ordering a set the sock hat will be the same with small, distinct differences.

Want a family of "Snowball Carolers"? Just send me a message and I'll custom make a family of carolers just for you. Great gift for new parents, grandparents, pregnancy announcement, hostess gifts and more!