Therapeutic FlaxBags

Therapeutic FlaxBags are perfect for relief from minor aches and pains, relaxation, mediation and more. Made of natural cotton, muslin and batting my handmade FlaxBags are filled with food grade flaxseed sourced from American farmers. My FlaxBag collection is available unscented or lightly scented with organic lavender and chamomile herbs and comes in a variety of fun prints or solid colors. (prints are subject to availability)

Each FlaxBag is handmade and can be used as a hot or cold compress. Directions included.  My FlaxBags have many uses which include: 

Total Relaxation
Muscle Aches
Sinus Headaches
Carpal Tunnel
Nursing Moms 
"And More"

The information provided is not meant to provide medical advice or to treat any illness or injury. If you have a health concern please contact a qualified medical professional.